Cnc Revision

Our companies have to invest in new machines instead of Cnc machining machines which have lost their sensitivity in time. However, the machine overhaul in the right hands makes the machine available at the same time precise and efficient again. The financing that our companies will allocate for the purchase of new machines remains at the main capital at a much less cost. For this, the application should look like this:

  1.  If the machine is a box slide, TURCIDE-B should be applied and grinding the required slide. Replacing the rail and carriage if the machine is a linear guideway.
  2. Replacement of the required ones of ball screw, nut and axis bearings.
  3. Electronic board maintenance and cleaning. Repair and maintenance of cards if needed.
  4. To make the automatic slide lubrication system healthy.
  5. Painting the machine.
  6. All implementation should be done with contract and job description.

Revision not carried out in the right hands may cause costly problems in the machine as well as loss of money and time.