Cnc Revision

Instead of CNC machining machines that lost their precision over time, our companies have to invest in new machines. The revision of the machine (if the CNC control system does not need to be changed) makes the existing machine work precisely and efficiently. The financing that our companies will allocate for the purchase of new machinery remains in the main capital at a much less cost. For this, the application should be:

  1. If the machine is a box slide, TURCİDE-B application should be applied and the necessary slides are grinded. If the machine is a linear slide, the rails and cars are changed.
  2. Replacement of the required ones of the ball screw, nut and axis bearings.
  3. Electronic panel maintenance and cleaning. If needed, repair-maintenance of cards and renewal of cables.
  4. Making the automatic slide lubrication system healthy. Renewal of skid lubrication lines.
  5. Painting the machine.
  6. All implementation should be done with a contract and job description.

As a result of projects carried out by unqualified teams, companies that are open to innovation are also discouraged and companies that do their job correctly suffer. Mechanical and electronic application responsibility should be undertaken together. Such projects should be done for machines to be stable, efficient and long-lasting. For this, our company gives 2 (two) years of warranty to its projects. Mechatronics Engineering can be provided with both mechanical and electronic competence.