Overhaul of Heavy Type Universal Russian Lathe

Due to the fact that it has lost its sensitivity due to mechanical abrasion and the life of electrical-electronic systems has completed; Overhaul of Heavy Type Universal Russian Lathe that cannot manufacture consistently and efficiently and is in an idle position.

Power calculations must be made correctly when revision planning of universal machining machines. Mechanical and electronic synchronization should be obtained exactly as a result of power calculations. This can only happen with a competent Mechatronics Engineering.

Today, many heavy type conventional benches can be manufactured at high costs. Revision of old machines is a frequently used method to bring this cost to an affordable budget. The Heavy Type Universal Russian Lathe was commissioned after mechanical and electronic revision. Using a smart and flexible automation system, the chip clutch was controlled with slide lubrication and chip removal positioning.

In order to perform such an application competently, it is necessary to have a good knowledge of manufacturing, a high level of mechanical experience, electronic systems, automation and software. When these three elements come together, it is possible to make a real revision. We encounter many machines whose bodies have been distorted and idle due to incorrect machine installation. We realize our projects with our experience in manufacturing, machine mechanics and Cnc control systems and software that we have gained in our work in Germany for many years. The application to be done for heavy type industrial machines should generally be as follows:

  1. Determining the concrete quality on the ground where the machine will be installed and the tonnage it will lift. If the floor does not provide the desired properties, the body rotates over time, even if all the work is perfect. We lose the machine.
  2. Machine axes were ground.
  3. The machine is disassembled and the application starts in line with the planning. (At this stage, all axes of the machine are disassembled and many operations and additions are made).
  4. The working principles of the machine are redesigned according to new and digital technology and the working scenario of the machine is created.
  5. By checking the trapezoidal axis shafts and red nuts, the ones that need to be renewed are determined.
  6. Hydraulic design is done and hydraulic unit is mounted. The hydraulic equipment used is connected.
  7. Electric cables, communication cables, hydraulic hoses, automatic slide lubrication lines were newly used.
  8. Electric cables, communication cables, hydraulic and pneumatic hoses, automatic slide lubrication lines that have to go to the moving parts of the machine are carried by a moving cable channel.
  9. Application should be made in accordance with the work safety criteria.
  10. Performing the necessary tests on the mechanical parts while collecting the machine.
  11. The locking system required for chip removal is mechanically designed. This very problematic system was discarded and modified to the same area and the magnetic clutch was adapted and the problem was solved efficiently by obtaining high torque.
  12. Installing and wiring the automatic slide lubrication system.
  13. The panel prepared specially for the machine is mounted in the most suitable and safe area.
  14. All connections of the automation panel and the control panel are established. According to the working scenario of the machine, the mechanical and electronic systems are introduced to each other.
  15. Mechatronics engineering, mechanical and electronic systems, modified with manufacturing knowledge and experience, transforming it into an integrated system that integrates with each other and commissioning the machine.
  16. Electrical-electronics project, hydraulic scheme and giving the necessary technical features.
  17. Painting the machine.
  18. All this must be done by contract.

Such projects are made for the efficient, stable and long-lasting operation of the machinery and equipment in the inventory. We can contribute to our national economy by increasing market values with our machines, national wealth and new technologies. The new price is quite high and the heavy type universal lathe, known as Serpent Russian in our market, was revised and brought to our economy.

In the revisions made by unauthorized persons, irreversible or costly problems occur in the machine with the loss of money and time. Our company gives 2 (two) years of warranty to the revisions it has made. Machine torque controls are controlled with maximum loading. By making mechanics and electronics together, we take full responsibility.