Cnc Boring Mill Retrofit


Retrofit literally means strengthening, modifying, adding parts that are not placed during production. In the manufacturing industry; It is used to define the application of the Cnc Control System, which has completed its life, and its modification and renewal together with the mechanical parts.


The process of converting mechanical and electronic systems into a single integrated system by modifying them with manufacturing knowledge and experience is called MECHATRONIC ENGINEERING. If the mechanical X firm is done by the electronic firm Y, there will be two projects in the middle. It would not be possible to achieve integrity.

Today, new machines are designed according to the money-making criteria. As a result, by ignoring the life cost, which is the most important factor that directly affects the cost of the machine; A 1-year warranty period is provided. The coverage area of this warranty period is also narrowed with some conditions. As Cnc Center, we keep the life cost in the first place in all the projects we design and do. Our company gives 2 (two) years of warranty to its retrofit projects.

In order to increase the torque and features of the machine in retrofit applications, our company creates the working scenario of the machine required. Machine working scenario is written by the team of Macro software Cnc Center. With these principles, electronic and mechanical systems are modified and renewed.

It is not possible that machines that have served for a long time do not want to intervene in their mechanical system. If the correct mechanical interventions are not made, it is impossible to get positive results. The application to be done for retrofit should generally be as follows;

  1. The specific features of the cnc control system should be chosen correctly
  2. Axis servo motors are selected.
  3. Axis servo motor drivers are selected.
  4. Spindell servo motor and driver are selected.
  5. Mechanical analysis should be done correctly and designs should be made completely for necessary interventions. The mechanical intervention needed in the machine must be fully performed.
  6. The machine should be disassembled and necessary interventions should be done in this way. Hydraulic design is done and hydraulic unit is mounted. The hydraulic piston, hydromotor and hydraulic equipment used are connected.
  7. Electric cables, communication cables, hydraulic hoses, automatic slide lubrication lines should be used new.
  8. Electrical cables, communication cables, hydraulic and pneumatic hoses, automatic slide lubrication lines that have to go to the moving parts of the machine are carried by a moving cable channel.
  9. Application should be made in accordance with work safety criteria.
  10. Machine skids should be planned to be protected against external factors.
  11. Performing necessary tests on the mechanical parts while collecting the machine. If these tests are skipped, the ball screw, ball screw nut, ball screw axis bearing bearings and similar failures are frequently encountered.
  12. Installing and wiring the automatic slide lubrication system.
  13. The automation panel specially prepared for the machine is mounted in the most suitable and safe area.
  14. The cnc control system is installed in the safest area.
  15. Entering system parameters.
  16. Writing the macro software.
  17. Synchronizing servo motors.
  18. Gathering all the control in the Cnc Control System.
  19. All connections of the automation panel and the Cnc Control unit are established. According to the working scenario of the machine, the mechanical and electronic systems are introduced to each other.
  20. With mechatronics engineering, mechanical and electronic systems are modified with manufacturing knowledge and experience to become an integrated system that integrates with each other and commissioning the machine.
  21. Quick response to possible malfunctions with Turkish definition is provided.
  22. Providing a connection to the machine over the internet with a computer connection, entering the macro software of the machine and preparing the necessary infrastructure to intervene. Unnecessary time and service loss is prevented.
  23. Back-ups of macro software, electrical-electronic project, hydraulic scheme and necessary technical specifications.
  24. Painting the machine.
  25. All this must be done by contract.

There are people who think only how much money they will earn in market conditions, and there are also employers who act with the idea of how to get the least money. Both of these mentalities are the biggest obstacle to productive, stable and long-lasting projects.

Retrofit not done correctly means wasted money. Mechanical and electronic application responsibility should be undertaken together. Mechatronics Engineering can be provided with both mechanical and electronic competence. Our company undertakes all the responsibility by making the projects together with mechanics and electronics.