Cnc Boring Machine Cycyle


In the technical literature, we call REDROFIT with the replacement of Cnc control systems which have lagged behind today's technology and have expired. In order to avoid losing the torque and properties of the machine in such applications, our company writes the operating scenario of the machine we call PLC. The application for redrofit should be:

  1. The specific characteristics of the cnc control system should be chosen correctly
  2. Servo motor specifications and planetary gearboxes should be chosen correctly if necessary.
  3. Mechanical analysis should be done correctly and necessary interventions should be done without deficiency. It is unlikely that a machine that has reached the end of its service life does not need mechanical intervention.
  4. Pulling electrical cables, hydraulic lines, if any, and automatic slide lubrication system hoses according to axis movements.
  5. Installation of automatic slide lubrication system.
  6. Making automation panel.
  7. Installing the cnc control panel.
  8. Entering system parameters.
  9. Writing PLC.             
  10. Synchronization of servo motors.
  11. Commissioning the system.
  12. Painting the machine.
  13. All this must be done by contract.